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We are a group of passionate experts with over 30 years of experience solving technology challenges.

Data Ace is a single source technology contractor and manager that has been providing service to small business owners, government institutions, and residential owners.

Technology can be frustrating! We solve those challenges by listening, looking, and asking. We understand the order to cash process. We understand the impact failed technology has on the bottom line. We understand the drama of Netflix not working.

Our clients benefit from solutions that streamline technology use, drive technology to impact the bottom line, and flow seamlessly from office to home to travel, and back.

Data Ace provides all inclusive offerings that grow with your needs or customized as needed solutions that meet the demands of the business and home owners.

Our solutions and results allow our clients to experience technology freedom and peace of mind.

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Data Ace Support

“What do I want from my phone, computer, geek, IT guy? Someone who understands my business, how we operate, how we make money, how we keep our people happy. They see the big picture, sort out the tech stuff issues in the background, and make the issues simple for me to understand so I can make the best decision for the business without doubt.”



Networks – Wired and Wireless, Indoor/Outdoor – The network is the foundation! Is your’s solid? Secure? Ask for a survey.

Phone Systems – Traditional and VOIP – There are so many options, it’s confusing. We can assist and may help save you money. Mobile employees? Tablets with data? Tablets in the field? Confusing cellular and data plans? We have solutions.

Residential Services – Smart Home – What do I want? Will I be secure? How do I make my Wi-Fi work everywhere? How do I stream music all over the house? What service is the best for me? Can I get Ethernet installed in my house? What is going to happen in the future?

Executive / Owner Concierge Service – Just ask, we have an recommendation.

Cabling – Phone, Network, Camera, Wi-Fi – All those wires! Did anyone label them? Is something old still connected and causing problems?  I need to expand my phone system. Can you install new jacks, program phones?

Video Surveillance and Analytics – Don’t just watch and record. What happened? What does it mean? Can I grow my business?

Managed IT Support Services and Monitoring – Security and Systems Management – Do I know everything is OK? Can I get hacked? Ransomed? What happens if someone uses a personal USB drive or plug their phone in to charge? How do I share Wi-Fi with my employees and vendors?

Digital Marketing and Relationship – What are you doing online? Do we want to be on Facebook? Should we Instagram? What is Snapchat? My kids love it! Why?

Drone Inspection and Analytics – Construction and Residential – Getting above things changes the vision and can positively impact the bottom line.

Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, and Continuity – How will I invoice my clients? Where will my employees go? Can I make or ship anything?

Cloud Solutions and Consulting – What works for my business? Help me understand the value! Why should I use the cloud? Where is it?

Remote Management Service – We like to see you, but this makes help a finger tip away!

AI – Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining – What does all this mean? How is it going to impact my business? Can I use it? What about robots? Should I read Wired magazine?

Technology Vendor Management and Audit – Do you really know what you are paying for?

Not sure?  just ask – we got here before AOL!

You’ve read this far, thanks so much. I have a question for you.

Tell me three things your competitor is doing that you are not?
1. ?
2. ?
3. ?

What are you going to do about that? Do you know how to do that?

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